Introduction to Mindfulness


4 week Introduction to Mindfulness course starting on Saturday 9th November 2019 from 10am-12pm at The Compass Theatre, Ickenham, UB10 8PD


Introduction to Mindfulness – a 4 week experiential course

Meeting weekly from 10am – 12pm starting on Saturnday 9th October and finishing on Saturday 30th October 2019.

• Is your well-being and happiness compromised by the demands and pressures of daily life
• Does it seem harder to feel joyful or creative?
• Does balancing important aspects of your life feel a challenge?
• Do you feel overwhelmed or exhausted?

Mindfulness is a meditation practice through which we seek to cultivate awareness of the present moment. Over time, mindfulness helps us to see more clearly how we react to what arises moment by moment in our lives. We can start to become aware of the way we try to hang onto experiences we like or find pleasant and escape or avoid those we dislike or find unpleasant. This is entirely natural – an inheritance from more dangerous times from our evolutionary past – but it also means that often we are not aware of how quickly and automatically we react to our experience, and sometimes in ways that are not always helpful for us. These reactions can take hold and become the story of ‘me’. Through mindful practice we can develop the skill of being aware of our experience as it actually is. This enables us to choose how we would like to respond in any given situation, rather than being pulled into reacting automatically.

Through mindful practice we can generate more space to gain freedom and choice in our lives. Mindfulness can help us to:

• Learn how to focus on the here and now and really engage wholeheartedly with our life.
• Become aware of the workings of our mind
• Learn to recognise patterns
• Learn to stay steady and stand back a little
• See that we have choices rather than slipping back into old patterns
• Learn to take a kinder and gentler attitude towards ourselves
• Learn to recognize warning signals and take helpful action
• Learn how to put less effort into fixing things


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